Thursday, January 31, 2013

God and Goddess Representation

Beauty, as it pertains to the sexes is a drastic evolution from ancient advanced civilizations until now. (whenever you are reading this on Earth) You wince when you witness the depiction of Goddesses of ancient times. The images to us are hardly inspiring. Queens, and other powerful female deities are often shown in ways where you cannot tell what they really looked like at all. They are obviously standardized by the culture at that time. Is the beauty of Kings ever thought of? Aren't the kings of antiquity often merely boys or hideous aged ogres by today's standards?

Why are the powerful depicted in ways in which we do not find beautiful now? Maybe it is not the problem of the ancients, but maybe we might benefit from examining why we think certain individuals are beautiful, and why we expect the powerful also to be beautiful. This you each must do for yourself, I will not generalize on your behalf.

Could it be the artists of the ancient world depicted their goddesses and queens by using their third eyes? They certainly do resemble creatures seen during DMT rituals. They are fractal in nature, they possess attributes of animals and natural forces in unnatural multitudes at times.

Gods and goddesses do not communicate to us through the media, and they do not pose for portraits or make themselves available for photo ops. They come through the portals of those who are connected. They come through the zero point of the Heart of individuals who create art, or express power and passion as used to lead, protect, inspire and change.

Perhaps it would be good to let go of our own images in the mirror and express ourselves from this same place. If you are able, in meditation, try to create your image from this perspective and Source, directly from the portal of the zero point Heart or from the third eye, and see what you produce.

Practical wisdom from the Toltec elders through
--Eve Featherstone

images are ancient 2 Goddess figures and 1 Masculine figure from the Toltec Civilization of Ancient Mexico

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