Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Guarding Your Gardens, Essassani Collective 2-5-13

It must be stated as clearly as possible. You must understand the following. This information if fully understood, will disconnect you from much of what you find less than excellent in your life on Earth.

Much as your skin is a boundary by which you are sovereign and you guard against breach by those who would harm you, your inner self deserves even more protection by you, deliberately. You must be a severe enforcer of what passes to your awareness and what does not.

You can by means of setting filters, guard against becoming aware of other people's unwanted seeds and contamination. For, just because it is true and real to them, does NOT mean it needs to be for you too.

You do not need to suffer for other people any more than you can think for other people or feel joy for other people. Guard against unwanted news. Guard against unwanted opinions. Guard against the these things for they are the mirrored realities of other people's hearts, karma, and judgement. They are the mirrored realities of other people's struggles and old/outdated belief systems.

You can and may believe, your life can be simple, joyful, and entirely spent in the higher realms rolling around epiphanies and your perceptions can fill you with beauty and joy at how astoundingly pleasant and meaningful every square inch of anything or anywhere actually is, if you bring your focus to it.

What we are saying here, is you must decisively weed your inner gardens regularly, but you will have to weed less, if you, ahead of time, set up effective membranes by which only the things YOU select may pass through. The second you are a aware of a headline, a complaint, a disproportionate dispensing of someone else's issue, problem or opinion, the seed is in your garden. If you severely expel the seed without opening the content, then you are halfway there. If you have something in you which is compelled to open and allow it to spread within your consciousness, it will have taken over part of YOUR garden.

Keep your mind, soul and heart so busy with items you are so passionately interested in that you don't have time to even entertain these other things. For, essentially, they are NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Occupy yourself with planting seeds of your own choice to yield that which you have always wanted. Realize your own parallel lives, as they punctuate your NOW with symbolism, strong interest, and a longing to learn, learn, learn, not accidentally discover what someone else is dealing with.

What you learn or teach yourself NOW, will make your tomorrow much more as you chose, and the satisfaction of reaping that which YOU have sewn, is a joy which need never end.

Severely limit what you read and listen to. Severely cast out and then eliminate the source or possibility of it attempting to snag your interest again. The more you do this, according to your own current technology, the less you will encounter. There is no one truth to any situation. Live YOUR truths. In this immaculate isolation, you will be the Creator, and you will emerge as something authentically brilliant.

There will always be someone or something to distract you from looking inward to all the answers, beauty and truth you can imagine. Guard your gardens, and enforce your boundaries.

The Essassani Collective,
via EVE Featherstone

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