Friday, February 8, 2013

Channel, Master Kuthumi, Women & Sexuality, part 1, 12-17-11

I am Master Kuthumi, and I wish to examine with you the condition of women on Earth at this time, regarding sexuality and loving. I regard all human women as miracles of creation and strength. Many lifetimes of ferocity, ingenuity, stealth and craftsmanship have been hidden behind the necessary facade of passiveness and servitude.

Dutifully raising their daughters to repress strong opinions and overtly aggressive behaviors, human women have unwittingly crippled their daughter's ability to be successful, female, mammals. If any higher goals were encouraged, it was in the realm of manners, etiquette, and other visual means of marketing themselves to capable men. The fine line of repressed sexuality vs the facade of perpetual innocence and passiveness. This impossible balance, when tipped to one side or another, could cast the women into a life of condemnation or even death. Tipped to the other side, it could cause dissatisfaction in the sexual area of the marriage, and the man would seek sexual supplementation, which would lead to a complete necessary disconnect from sexuality on the part of the wife to bear the circumstances with dignity and duty.

When I say successful female mammal, I am referring to an organism who functions to the full capacity of her physical potential, without shame or repression, but instead with a natural need to express fully all her human reproductive and spiritual abilities. These abilities grow with age, and change, as the woman changes. These abilities improve, but it isn't perceived that way at the time. The experiences seem to be perfectly aligned to the time and circumstance of the woman at each stage, and are not viewed as "peak" or aligned solely with having children.

Women can fully choose through instinct who will be a perfect genetic balance for her offspring, and know through intuition the best direction for her family, and be a supreme guide for her husband and children, if given the same trust and respect she shows for each of her family members.

When a woman is aligned with Earth, she feels the seasons, she smells messages, she expresses reproductive and sexual tides as freely as she sees beauty and restores order and comfort to all around her. Her warmth and love is shared freely without shame, to all who approach in her immediate circle. She instinctively culls out those who seek to gain energy for other purposes, and sends them on their way to find their needs in another more appropriate woman, without judgment. She provides sexual release for her mate as she does for herself without judgment, and with great sacred decorum.
In doing so, she makes the bond more and more sacred, and herself becomes a sanctuary for love and nurturing. Her breasts, her body, her love, is readily accessible, held with majesty and given without condition to her family and inner circle. This Earth woman freely praises and encourages others with regard to their greatness and potential. She guides them to more appropriate areas, and flourishes with them as they attain spiritual and worldly successes.

When a woman is aligned with spirit, she plays routinely in the realm of alchemy and spirit ritual. She creates ceremonies for herself and her inner circle with ease, and great sacred joy. She is the cornerstone of bonding in the circle, leading others with sacred games and sacred tools to envision, which adds meaning and poetry to their lives. This in turn connects each individual with all that is, and creates a collective consciousness. This is a great knowing among inner circle individuals. It is of great solace and fosters trust, security, devotion, loyalty and success for all parties. She leads with wisdom gotten and dispensed through spirit ritual, and her people adore her for her insight and sacred connection. They crawl to her in dismay and leave whole and satisfied. They learn to hold different energies and emotions. They learn to observe and not react. They learn to live high vibration life, in alignment with the heavens and Earth, and this attracts all the bounty of the universe to this group of aligned, devoted, authentic human beings.

Yours in service,
Master Kuthumi,
via EVE Featherstone

Noun: The state of being a slave or completely subject to someone more powerful.
The subjection of property to an easement.

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