Monday, February 11, 2013

Time is Not Forever, Universal Collective Consciousness 2-11-13

Forever it seems is a matter of time. Be it not for time, would not all things be eternal? It is a given, marked period of time for all who are born on Earth to complete their cycle, and unto each, a path is constructed day by day. No thing lasts for ever, but that which is not of time is eternal, therefore, the consciousness you abide with now, has other "irons in the fire" at ALL times.

Now, we say unto you, does this not all read as a silly, cynical expose for your situation? We say yes, but for you, many decisions, many feelings, many projects and dreams are in process. Shall you just stop, and let the pixels of these simply float away? Shall you not erase and begin again? Need you wait until your physical body succumbs?

Relaying these concepts is not meant to toy with your perceived realities, it is meant to tickle you in protected places, such as your beliefs, your obligations, and your projects.

What if, your life is a disorganized array of unfinished projects, damning beliefs, and limiting obligations? Would you not like to step out from under it all? Is it too heavy? Does is seem to be unraveling as fast as you progress? If so, then stop chasing the clouds of illusion, for before you get to them they dissipate into another form, while you remain steadfast in a plan with no fruition possible.

What do you have to lose that is more valuable than your time? Nothing is more valuable than your time, and you can learn to change from linear time to holographic time. Holographic time in each moment, shows you a whole story within one frame of your normal film. What does this mean?

Free yourself, if you can, in ways you never dreamed you would, in order to save your life. Save the moments, save your canvas, save your contribution to this time and space. Instead of a running a

hastily sewn seam, sew a marvelous embroidered mandala in one place. Expand and contract the scope of this to include global, Universal, and knit yourself in with the collective consciousness of acceptance and ease.

Stop judging yourself, stop the destructive dialogue, stop the compulsion to make more plans for the same program.

Thank you for allowing us to enter your imagination, and we hope we have left you with some good image, even if it is trapped right now in resistance, it will grow, and grow, and grow. Walk or run towards freedom. You were born with free will, use it now. It is your choice. Say yes to that which frees, no to that which entraps.

Blessings and eternal support
Universal Collective Consciousness
via EVE Featherstone

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