Monday, March 18, 2013

Channel, Christ Consciousness Grid, Eve Featherstone

Note from EVE: Lately I have been feeling a pressure that doesn't go away with exercise. "Management" tells me it is because there are many beings pounding on my "door" wanting to communicate. So, here I am on the precipice of channeling, and I have no idea what will come through, but here it goes. I will ask my primary guide Chief White Cloud to direct traffic for our highest good.

The following is from the Christ Consciousness Grid, including Jesus, Mary, Krishna, Mary Magdalene and St Peter.

Behold in your heart the entrance of the trumpeted Christ Force into your realm. Fear not, for you do not have to behave in a way that is in alignment with intellectual, moral mandates. You need only stop. . . and let go of any thought, project or worry which you might be holding onto in this moment. Let go . . . let everything float away from you, leaving you and only you, remaining in a lightness. The heaviness of any thought or emotion will be gone, and you will be in a stone sound-chamber of great beauty in which you will hear the trumpets blow, and this frequency will lay bare anyone's heart and soul to its original default... purity.

In this purity of heart and blank mind, we come with great purpose and we will regale* you with abundance as you have never known. What we will regale you with is a whole heart, a whole breath, a whole bounty of love to share and create with.

The self pity and emptiness which so many of you are burdened with will be lifted, and your fear of the unknown will not exist. You will trust and be trusted. You will trust your planet, trust your atmosphere and trust your brothers and sisters as never before. The fears will become a brief grace note before the true and pure tone of purity and light. This will make you know Oneness, and once you know Oneness, you will know that indeed it is time for a reconciling of debits, treasure and deceit. Those perpetrators will stand before you in their mutated nakedness and you will feel safe upon this instant. Safe and all confusion will disappear. Safe and all beauty will step out from behind each corner, out from under each leaf and radiate from the faces of your brothers and sisters, as you see the burden of the whole world disappear . . . melt away . . . turn into lightness much as water evaporates.

Nothing less than purity and light can exist in this energy, and you will not perceive anything as less than purity and light. Your palette for co-creation will be irresistible, and you crave these attributes, this freedom, this extrication from what you thought the world was like, what you thought your life was going to be like.

Our song could play on and on, but we gracefully bow and step back. We turn our music softly down and leave you to do your will with the Good News of Christ Consciousness' return to Earth and the blessings we leave will transform your life. Hear us, allow us in your heart, and melt into laughter, tears and gratitude, for indeed the time has come.

--Christ Consciousness Grid, at and as the Crux of Humanity's Journey.

*re·gale /riˈgāl/
Verb Entertain or amuse (someone) with talk.
Lavishly supply (someone) with food or drink

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