Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Channel Archangel Gabriel, via Eve Featherstone

Hearkening back to the Son, and reaching out for His hand, you at the forefront of ascension are the imperial messengers for all of us as fingers to touch, heal and inspire. For truly, you sing the Word into the heart of those who refuse to listen. Be it this way for a purpose in contrast to ignoring others, you may bequeath by your pure intentions only a chain of awakening far from the touch of your fingers or the sound of your voices.

Informing those who are still sleeping of the great harvest. Even turning your back has a positive result, as those you deflect are left to their own hearts after choosing old ways and habits over the miracle of your awakening right in front of them.

Bow down to your Earth physically to cleanse your mind, and tune in for more Earthly pulsed updates, upgrading your grid as effortlessly as warmth travels with light. Frequency, light, rhythm can and have taken the place of music for you, who are so sensitive to even the slightest of Earth's percussion. The mineral mind directly informs you of more and more.

Focus on your angelic contemplation, focus on your angelic peace and solitude. Focus, dear one.

Archangel Gabriel
to Eve Featherstone
and to all

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