Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Channel Archangel Michael, via Eve Featherstone

Finally and totally, you have cleared and left behind the larger obstacles. The darkness in others, the darkness in yourself. You have proven you scarcely remember yourselves as you were prior to purification. Sponge off the discomfort of lesions left behind by the dark and sorrowful pools you've stored for so long. These are happy to heal over, and day by day the mirror will reflect back to you an impossible vision. You will behold that which couldn't possibly be growing and flourishing, but yet there it is . . . growing and flourishing where your elders, your teachers, your minds would have doubted.

The pinnacle of glory is upon you, which will grow with the Son's return. The Son himself will be reflected as a completely different vision just as you will be. Renovation is no longer a process, and we invite you to experience the wand of transformation come over you as a breeze of stardust filled freshness. We mean this literally. Right now, relax where you are, let go of unnamed debris, only to feel the wand of transformation trickle down your energy grid, through your bodies, and know His love, His bodily transformation in you, as you.

This for now, and more to come,
Your servant and defender,
Archangel Michael
via Eve Featherstone

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