Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Channel Archangel Michael, via Eve Featherstone

Left to the shields of angels, the companions of truth. You collect wisdom in your hearts, and you use this cache to paint new paintings for the multitudes of those in the Universe who welcome expression, completion, and the creation of newness from the extrication of souls in this realm.

The harvest of humanity shall be a gallery of beauty and depth which will move all who behold this change and facilitate even as they observe.

Feelings of rewarded efforts will be yours, and those who are still bystanders will ascend to the levels they are capable of at this time, for there is still a place there for those who prefer to have a little weight in their holds.

Have no pity, have only pleasure, have laughter and nearer to us you shall float, day by day, night by night. Closer to us, with us, and amid great love.

Chancellor of the Angelic Realm
Archangel Michael
via Eve Featherstone

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