Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Channel, Pleiadian Council of Nine, via Eve Featherstone

We greet you on the dawn of the Earth's Spring Equinox, March 20, 2013.

As you transfer from one parallel reality to the next, we see some of you becoming attached to the death of your former selves, and really focusing more on what is dying than on what is being born. Your attachment causes delays, yet you must of course process what you need to process, this is understood.

You are not abandoning anyone or anything. You are not killing part of yourselves. You are not losing your Earthly vitality. You are not preparing to die yourselves to get into the Golden Age. We intend to disconnect you from these deeply ingrained instincts of the flesh.

You are crystalline. You are not of this Earth to begin with. You are beginning to live in your new creations and the old has already gone. It is OK, it will not miss you, nor you it. You could burn your photo albums if you were truly in concert with this feeling, however, it would have to be your greatest joy to do so.

That which you hesitate to leave behind has not supported you lately. You will see this if you look upon it with the eyes of the present.

We will compare this to human female menopause. It isn't looked upon as a wonderful thing, and to women, it marks a point where they feel many uncomfortable feelings which are not based upon truth, but on raggedy, archaic ideas which bear no truth when looked upon with the eyes of the present and not the fears of many lifetimes. It happens only halfway in the lifespan of a woman, not at the end, for example. It is the beginning of half, 50% of who they were put on this Earth to BE. Again, any unpleasant feelings about this are from these deeply ingrained instincts of the flesh. The spirit knows no such feelings.

We suggest some inspired thoughts here:

Women go from burden to freedom.
Women go from ticking clock to timelessness.
Women go from living for others to living for their own joy.
Women go from rough waters to smooth sailing.
Women go from learning hard lessons to teaching wisdom and solid plans for the future

Now, we will take this opportunity to say that the planet itself is going now from man to woman. This, no doubt will elicit a mixed bag of reaction. Choose for yourselves what you think this might mean, and make it a good choice, dear ones! Your present and future lives depend on it.

Within the same module, audit your feelings and responses towards all things female and woman. For you now exist in a world where harmony with female polarity is necessary for survival, at least in the new world the female spiritual leaders have created. The choice is always and forever yours.

For peace and prosperity,
The Pleiadian Council of Nine
via Eve Featherstone

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