Monday, March 25, 2013

Poem, Envy Not My Value Blind, Eve Featherstone

Envy not my value blind
Envy not my stage
Envy not my comfort now
Envy not my page
If someone thinks it was easy
To live as I have done
I should tell you as I know
My direction wasn't plumbed*
Everything deluxe to see
Bought with hard felt pain, not greed
Behind the scenes I labor too
To do what doesn't hurt
But change and wisdom
Aren't from careful choice
They aren't an easy birth
Change and wisdom
Pull me on from safe
and on from plain
To destinations blind ahead
To people far unmet
Today sure seems an inner voyage
I choose humble not regret.

1. To determine the depth of with a plumb; sound.
2. To test the verticality or alignment of with a plumb.
3. To straighten or make perpendicular: plumb up the wall.
4. To examine closely or deeply; probe: "Shallow ideas are plumbed and discarded" (Gilbert Highet).
5. To seal with lead.

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