Monday, March 25, 2013

Channel Chief White Cloud, to Eve Featherstone

Dispensation* shall commence upon completion of this session. After this message is complete, you will no longer measure yourself, your thoughts, your psychic abilities against anything you've heard before, because indeed you will be receiving information you have not heard before. As you process, learn and practice, so shall others after receiving your message.

Fixtures in your reality are melting away quickly, and up until now you've had no problem releasing, but the final hooks of illusion are still in you and are painful to dislodge and release. The negative thoughts which are constant companions of these last vestiges** are swirling in your mind even as you are aware they are nonsense, they persist. How then do you quiet, release or purge these? You do not. They, like everything else are cyclical, and will run their course, and so while they are doing so, your effort to treat your body to exercise and care is the best you can do.

We say this again and again, but you need to hear this again and again, "be kind to yourself". If a thought is not kind to you, it is nonsense. We do not judge, and you have been taught to judge. Attempts are made to release you from self judgment and demanding more and more and more from yourself even in cycles of rest and psychic "low tide". Ride the natural cycles with patience and kindness. If your body signals you with aches and pains, be patient and trust your body, trust yourself, and remain in the kindness of those who support and walk alongside you.

You lack nothing, and you are everything. Create little and you shall create big. Exist in kindness, patience and knowing, for all is ahead and within.

Exemption from a rule or usual requirement.
Permission to be exempted from the laws or observances of a church.

A trace of something that is disappearing or no longer exists.
The smallest amount

Your constant companions,
Chief White Cloud along with other primary guides of
Eve Featherstone

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