Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Channel, Master Kuthumi, via Eve Featherstone

For deep in your mountains there are treasures beyond what you can imagine. For deep in your Earthly sectors of connection to your planet, there is a connection, a primal connection with these treasures, frequencies and truly a galaxy of wonder within your own terra firma*.

The horizontal plain of magnetic reconciliation and harmonization with these frequencies exists within you as what you would call a "bar of light", or a flat plain of light within you which rises and falls along the axis of your own spinal columns, which too, are more than you have imagined. They are your antennae, your plumb, your perpendicular orientation to these terra firma energies.

Now more than ever, those of you on a steep ascent to rebirth with your planet, are feeling as if you are not on solid ground, but are on some type of undulating energy. This is the energy of your planet communicating to you and you can rest assured, your frequencies were created to harmonize, all you have to do is allow it. Resistance by man made measures or resistance by fear will block your alignment.

Allowing these frequent shifts and adjustments or upgrades to Earth's own shifts and upgrades will ensure you will be "along for the ride", which for you will seem like another beautiful Earthly day.

Where are you and your planet going? You cannot know, or understand. Simply relax, knowing that your best interests are already arranged for, and so, “If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.” This is helpful, because the seed of the quote is you don't need to worry about how, where or when, just enjoy your path. Do what you do. Enjoy what only you enjoy. It is recess for the score keeping mind to meander according to your own will, separate from time.

*terra firma, Latin, solid Earth

**Lewis Carroll quotes (English Logician, Mathematician, Photographer and Novelist, especially remembered for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. 1832-1898)

Master Kuthumi
via Eve Featherstone

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