Friday, March 29, 2013

Channel Sirian Council of 8, Congruent Dimensions, Eve Featherstone

Those of you on the leading edge have become familiar with living your lives in and out of different dimensions. One dimension while you sleep, one dimension while you are on social networks, one dimension when you are tending to your families, one dimension when you are observing other people, etc.

Other times you are with others, and not agreeing to be in the same dimension together. You must allow this. It is your job sometimes to hold space for someone in 3rd dimension while they go off in another even though they are right beside you. They will hold space for you at other times. No demands are to be made, but allowances freely given, as we are all doing many things in many places at any given "time".

You will be more appreciative of the times when you actually and completely are sharing one dimension together. Let it happen naturally, though. Do not force or demand it so, as this will not work, as it isn't congruent* with the flow of eternal harmony**.

*Congruent - coinciding exactly when superimposed

**Harmony - A pleasing combination of elements in a whole

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