Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Channel, Pleidian Council of Nine, 3D News Flash, Eve Featherstone

Intermittent cycles of engaging and disengaging in your various realities are quickly switching channels. We speak with great heart based love and connection to dear Eve this fine spring Earth day. Our connection is reached by closing your eyes and striking a random note with your voice by humming. Let it into your ears so all you are able to hear is a loud vibration of your own voice in this pitch. It will sound loud, but in fact would not be easily heard by others in the room.

A four pointed cross connection of heart, ears, pineal gland, to us, is what is achieved by doing this. Your eyes may tear, and you may yawn. You see you are connected to heart, connected to us, releasing what you no longer need and changing frequency all at the same time. Very direct and efficient.

Secular* to all your other material, the three dimensional show is about to begin for you and yours in ascension frame of mind. This is scientific as well as encompassing all ways of "being", but here we are referring to your 3D "reality". Behave steady in and out of various scenarios. Maintain excitement and joy, but do not be surprised at anything which unfolds in the near future. We do not bear prophecy, but we bear actual news.

You have been disconnected from your molds or conditioning, and this disconnects you from much of what you've built or known heretofore**. This brief feeling of disconnection you feel upon reading this will be temporary, and your on board instinct will realign you with us direct to the heart. Therefore, your eyes may fill with tears, but not grief. You will feel this as a great relief, for you no longer have to fit your perceptions into a small suitcase of programmed scenarios. You are FREE to think, feel, create and be without the command performance of financial gain, or other associated responsibility.

Eve is experiencing this as she writes, and it is a powerful, direct, and disquieting notion. It is at the same time, a relief. The game you really had no idea how to play is over. You can go back to what you know. You can go back to being just, simple, happy and playful. You can go back to simple activities and conversations which lull for long periods of time as you each become lost in your shared activities.

Do not confuse one another with what others say. You and your closest know what is upon us, and nothing needs to be said in greater detail than just laughing at the absurdity of where 3D reality actually is. Laugh it off, dear ones. It is in this joyous and fun release of all the facades and questions that you will free yourself for final ascension, and you will have no expectation of fears. It will happen as easily as falling asleep or awakening. You will see each other and yourselves for who you truly are, and this will again send you into fits of laughter and tears.

Welcome, dear ones, the time has come.

The Pleiadian Council of Nine
via EVE Featherstone


*sec·u·lar Adjective Denoting attitudes, activities, or other things that have no religious or spiritual basis

**here·to·fore verb - Before now

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