Monday, March 11, 2013

Channel, RA and Blue Ray Alliance, 3-11-2013 via Eve Featherstone

For NOW, for YOU, from all of us, we naturally convey to you manually that which you will soon be able to "know" automatically, as a function of your newly encoded DNA. Your new upgrades are ready and on deck, and you only need to ask in a moment of peace, silence and alignment to receive them always at the right time for you.

The blue rays will re-write your memories. Memories, you will see, serve no purpose other than to form useless attachments. Krishna, Jesus, Isis, Mother Mary, Gaia and others are also cc'd on this cosmic memo. Welcome to the larger organization of thought, intent and practice. You will feel at home in this frame of reference, and you will seek to meet and sync with others in your range to amplify.

The warm unification of ideas which you all agree on. The warm radiance of that which you've learned, as well as the warm acceptance from all of us that which is useful and new to your planet.

Your perceived imperfections are not real. Your value standards have been based upon a lie.
Your value is akin to the crystalline interior of plain looking geodes. You haven't seen this crystalline aspect of each other up until now. You may feel it or "know" something is special or agreeable to you about certain others, but soon you will feel it as though you have been greeted by another angel, and another angel, and another angel.

Even interactions with those in your spiritual circle whom are familiar will take on a different lightness, a new simplicity, a new spectrum of heart felt treasure. You will only pay attention to the radiance on the faces of those you interact with, not the irrelevant details.

If you are experiencing unwanted feelings of judgement now, know you are beyond dualism, and you can simply regard it as a tide holding small amounts of wayward impurities . . . temporary, and subsiding with only a little patience. These habitual judgments are leaving fast, and the perceived outcomes of normal dealings will resolve with new, unexpected feelings of brotherhood and dignity on both sides.

Thoughts, memories and judgments will increase from this time 3-11-2013 until the full moon of March 27, 2013. The blast of blue ray codes and upgrades will peak for now on the Spring Equinox of March 20, 2013. Allow and accept the tides of judgment and memories will increase from now until then, and in the peaceful "knowing" that you have transcended this, allow it to pass away.

Continue to separate from those who do not serve you, and with courage disconnect from that which is not in alignment with your integrity or purpose.

Resolution of many relationships will happen now naturally without any effort (other than not taking things personally and remembering you are out of the range of dualism). Everything will line up, and you only need to remember you are free, in alignment, and in the current of safety and renewal.

Your blue ray allies,
in alignment and in conjunction with
RA, Law of One, and Eve is One

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