Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Temptation of Old Thought Patterns, Eve Featherstone

The "temptation" of what we have done before and of complying with old thought patterns/processes will keep us in the wheel of 3 dimensional mediocrity. It dilutes our magical/celestial/co-creational abilities and growth. It takes courage to ignore the brain/mind and stick with the One thought, the One truth, the One destination we are paddling towards. Yesterday I learned that when you look at your destination on a paddle board you will go there. When you look down at your form and stroke, you remain still or are taken away by the will of the water and wind. In other words you go off course. The will of the water and wind are kinetic, natural forces, but unless you desire nothing specifically, you will feel helpless and off course if you are not in alignment with the destination of your heart. --EVE Featherstone

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