Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dissolving the Programs of Illusion, Arcturian Information Exchange to Eve Featherstone

Forward, through time and for progression, you steep in the knowing absence of duty and subjugation. Intuitive measures are taken at the slightest action of day to day existence, and this holds you in contemplative recess from the business of the life most experience. You are not separate from but unreachable at times except for the exclusive few who with a telepathic precision, tap on your glass.

You have not the necessity to fight evil or negative entities. You simply are not them, you are Light and Love. You are unreachable to manipulation and the secret to reach you is purity of intent. Those who are manipulative or whose intention is not impeccable will not be able to communicate with you even if there is no logical way to explain why they cannot.

Here you are experiencing the breaking up of certain programs which are an illusion. Certain people, certain relationships, certain systems of your culture, certain everyday things will become out of reach or dissolve. When this happens will you persist in ironing out the difficulties to your own frustration? Will you simply say "thank you" to the Universe for removing this energy wasting circuit from your current reality.

We waste no time in stating the following: if it is not simple and effortless, and if it isn't extremely interesting to you it isn't real. Your answers from here on out are instant and simple. Duty, complications and red tape are not your realm anymore. Step out and be free.

Your Galactic predecessors,
The Arcturian Information Exchange
A new portal, a new resource, open now :)
to Eve Featherstone

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