Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Channel Chief White Cloud, to Eve Featherstone

Fixtures in memory, fixtures in humanity, fixtures in society. These are expiring. You have the key to step out of this preordained story. You are ordained not to practice that which has been proven a losing strategy, but rather to use your grace, and masterful social skills to employ the new keys living the Good News. You may be the only person some people know who is capable of living it. It is what has been promised, and with your faith you have arrived. Your faith is the magic carpet, and this realm is magical, mystical and it desires you to have what your heart has always wanted.

You went after what your heart wanted using the tools of the the Old Fixtures, but it was futile. It is always futile, and delivers less at any given "time" than one hopes to attain. The Good News on the other hand was pre-paved for you, not pre-ordained. You, with faith have earned the right to say you are ordained in all the ways in which scripture is meant to change people.

Your changes are nothing less than miraculous, and these changes keep you out of the reach of common Earthly ills. (I pause in writing as my heart declares, "Thank God") You have stopped briefly to accept some heart felt laurels. It was necessary to accept where you've come round full circle to start again, within that which you yourself have created.

Your own new playing field, cultivated by your vigilant choices, made with your highest excitement in mind. Now then, you show everyone how its done, and you sew seeds of comfort and freely hand out the keys to freedom to any who will ask of their own free will. The New Eden, the Good News, the Secret Garden . . . call it what you will, but you have arrived.

Now on to bigger better horizons!

Your primary guide,
Chief White Cloud

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