Thursday, April 18, 2013

EVE Answers Questions about Love and Dating 4-18-13

This is excerpt from an interview of Eve Featherstone by David Moye, Staff Writer at HuffPost Weird News, Staff writer/ Weird News at The Huffington Post and Journalist at AOL News

Q.Do you have any tips for improving intuition in relation to love?

EVE: Understand you must separate social conditioning and your body’s sexual/biological needs from love. This will remove the bits of input from the astral plane, your family, friends, your cells’ need to reproduce with a suitable genetic specimen, and your own unworthiness. You will be left with your true heart, which only wants the best for you and is unconcerned with sex and society.

The love of the true heart is very childlike. Ask your heart, “Is this person someone I want to play with every day?” “Is this person likely to be a bully?” “Does this person delight in my ‘ways’ or would they wish I was a little different?”
What about longevity of the love? The love of the heart truly lasts a lifetime or beyond, even if the social and sexual parts crumble. Love is perfect in its own time and onset, but changes in what surrounds love exert pressure and can make love uncomfortable, unsustainable, or even painful if circumstances bear down too heavily on it.

Love is a graceful energy forced to live in a boorish obstacle course. It is the opposite of a bull in a china shop. Love is a fine piece of china in a bull pen. Love is other-worldly. It is the only gift we have apart from our own lives. It is the only divine thing we are allowed here in our limited Earthly existence.

Q. How can a non-psychic improve intuition?

EVE: By realizing most of the thoughts in your own head about love are not your own, but astral projections ingrained in you from all the humans that ever walked the planet, as well as the opinions and anecdotal comments made by your family, friends and television.

Do not think of love in terms of words or situations, but rather simplicity, purity and heart felt playfulness. Remember true love is rather childlike, and two childhood friends can play their way through sex, complications, challenges as well as fully enjoy together happy situations. Life is after all a game, if you can’t play well together, you become poor sports.

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