Monday, June 17, 2013

Assist the New Strains

I thought it was barbaric
I thought they were crude
I thought they were cruel
I thought they were rude

I watched their successful
Plodding through life
I wrestled away from them
With all of my might

I ruined all assemblages*
Of their chosen path
Layered over my will
In a wide swath**

I experimented with others
I looked and I searched
I crumbled completely
Then I was re-birthed

To come here with nothing
To come here with love
You must know this coarseness
So said those from above

Now I have learned it
Left off the remains
Now I am free to
Assist the new strains***.

*Assemblages - A collection or gathering of things or people.
A machine or object made of pieces fitted together

**Swath - A row or line of grass, grain, or other crop as it lies when mowed or reaped.
A strip left clear by the passage of a mowing machine or scythe.

***Strains - A breed, stock, or variety of an animal or plant developed by breeding.

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