Saturday, June 22, 2013

Channel Chief White Cloud, Mesa of Manifesting

The simplest prayer, the simplest meditation are the words or intention of "Thank God". Together with stopping all of your other thoughts and proclaiming these words, it is one of the most enjoyable, empowering and fastest way to connecting to all that is. Connection, remember is fundamental to well being.

The Tribal symbol for WIND, which is also the Plutonic Solid for AIR, is the mathematic tether to this concept.

One may visualize saying Thank God and correlating the 2 words (2 is important here)with opposite points on the geometric figure (octahedron). 4 is also important when considering the 2 dimensional representation of this (Tribal), and 6 is important when considering there are six total points on this figure, which correlates with Earthly matters. So, if you want to create or manifest something in this realm, 6 is important.

Now, here is the final component. It involves having WIND/AIR carry this prayer out of you, carrying with it pressure, tension, and sending it to the heart of Universal Manifestation. When saying "Thank God", say it with a sense of body wide relief on the exhale. Take a deep breath and say "Thank God!" with relief! Say it in the way you would if you climbed a long arduous trail up a mountain and reached your destination on a high mesa*. Here you marvel at this resting place which you worked hard to attain. Here you can se the big picture and everything is within view. Here you see the big picture. You have made it. Thank God!

Chief White Cloud
Primary Guide of EVE
via Eve Featherstone

Mesa - An isolated flat-topped hill with steep sides, found in landscapes with horizontal strata.

NOTE from EVE: This concept was given to me during my sleep last night. It was repeated over and over so I wouldn't forget upon awakening.
1. Thank
2. God
In the dream it was to be repeated in 2's, or as a figure of 2, but then the rest of it was completed in the act of channeling this morning.

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