Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Gentle Spirit's Escort

Brassaï, City Cats II, 1938

Cats are the grace, soul and sense of humor in this dimension. I have clung to their omnipresent* willingness to do with ease what seems impossible. I have watched them go into places no sane person would go. They routinely set up a comfortable bed in the most inhospitable conditions. They say, "relax more, sleep more, play more, stretch. Look for the sunny spot in any situation. You can do what you NEED to do in a brilliantly skillful, short amount of time."

I have depended upon their love, care, and companionship. I gladly give them the very few tokens they require to be happy, and in return, they have allowed me to ride their grace and beauty through this life. They are the only constant, and now I see them taking a few steps away, as if to say, you can live on your own now, but we will be close by. They have taught me not to give up so easily, that there is usually a way of getting where you want. Have I hidden behind the skill, ferocity and courage of cats? If so, I am not the first and I will certainly not be the last. They are the gentle spirit's escort, always and forever.

With great love and gratitude,
Eve Featherstone

omnipresent - (of God) Present everywhere at the same time.
Widely or constantly encountered; common or widespread

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