Friday, September 20, 2013

Channel Chief White Cloud, Personalized Orbs of Now

It is Now. You are Now. We are Now. Your longing is not for the past or future but for Now. The age old ideas whose “belonging to,” you don’t have coding for, are to be released Now.
That which you are coded for is here Now.

You have been cared for in a way you haven’t been cared for within your most recent year. Hold this vibration, and know Now, that you are still cared for and supported by those yet unmet, but Known to you Now.

Fears are all you can see, but today is the day where you throw them away like last year’s news. These fears are feathering your new nest with doubt, worry, and paralysis. Allow these fears to die now without the food of calendars and time, without the food of adding and subtracting everything which isn’t you, and planning more of same. These ideas are sad and lame.

Near to Now
Now is here
You aren’t to live at all with fear.
Your Now is sweet
Your Now is good
Awaken if this moment would
Provide you everything you want
Releasing you from that which tugs
You out of today’s sacred zone
Into darkness, not your own.

-EVE Featherstone

NOTE FROM EVE: At the end of this channel, the metaphor of snow globe appeared. Gazing into the snow globe of Now, which is in your own inner space. THEN, the truth of "you know, snow globes can be personalized Now" came to me. Put whatever you want in your snow globe and be mesmerized by the world you create. Who doesn't like snow globes?

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