Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Channel Christ Consciousness, The Will of 5

For be it under the influence of time, money or status, the current paradigm* married to these things shall parish, and a new world will be born. Some of you are the midwives of this new birth. Others will look upon the birth in horror, but fear not.

Among you now, are those who may seem a bit disengaged, but who are in fact holding the energies of the new world in their bosom. If you knew this, and could bear witness to these energies, it would unlock your own understanding. The keys are simple.

1. Give of yourselves from the heart
2. Care not what others do on their journey
3. Let your standards burn in the fire of renewal
4. Do what you know, not what you think
5. Be generous with your love not your money

Standards, money, rules are all boundaries of the human heart to that around you which starves for connection and acceptance.

Free your heart by quieting the mind, and ask not, only receive.

Give of yourselves when it feels right. Your touch, your care, your acceptance is all anyone in your life needs. They do not require advice, worry or judgement.

One is the judge of One's own existence and may at anytime imprison or free Oneself.

Free from gender expectations, free of social expectations, free of images which portray failure, doubt or rejection.

Core acceptance is the goal, for from here one may accept anything which may come as natural, and naturally then everything that comes will be easy to bear. The range of which, is in direct proportion to the ability to accept.

So then accept these truths, if it be your Will, and my feminine counterparts in this realm will then hold you to their bosom if it is not I you long to be held to, and take this as divine sustenance** NOW and EVErmore.

*paradigm - a pattern of something to be copied

**sustenance - in support of life, health or maintenance

Christ Consciousness Grid,
via EVE Featherstone

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