Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Geometry of Christ, via EVE IS ONE

Point your mind, your heart, and your gut towards this zero point now. I AM EVE speaking for, from, through and to you from every direction at once, every time at once, every tongue at once, causing a complete closing of all cycles now in this moment. Alongside the gossamer threads of multidimensional communication and consciousness, resides the heart of Christ, evermore to be known in a geometric way as is the truth of your Universe as is the truth of this moment and your moments to follow as you so choose through your purest will and intention.

The image of Christ as a man will diminish, and you will gradually see him through the geometry of creation, more through the stained glass windows of your churches, than the crucifix with a man on it at the front. The crucifix itself, part of the divine geometry of creation, fully as One and integrated into ALL.

The skeletal DESIGN of Christianity being hidden from you through the ages, masked instead with fearsome images designed to produce guilt, sorrow, and hatred for those who killed Christ, and seeding the imaginations of followers with murderous acts of governments long since past. This all misses the point entirely.

The Sacred Heart of Christ is the point, itself a beautiful geometric design replicated in each and every one of us here. So hard to hear, so hard to feel with all the media, the ego, the noise of civilization and domestic responsibility covering it up.

Our hearts are exact replicas of the Sacred Heart of Christ, not diminished key-chain size tokens, but full on replicas. You hold inside you, not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, a key to creation, a code which matches infinite species of other life in the Universe, as well as coding for your planet Earth, for which you are a temporary guest, learning her ways as you help her ascend along with all those who match the coding of the Ascending planet Earth.

You hold within your spiritual center, within your "badge of Christ", a Star-Key as well. You are all going to the same place as all those you are immediately aware of now, and in the near future. You must choose carefully now, so as not to spend your time and attention on false endeavors, but rather focus entirely on the Oneness of humanity, the Oneness of all Creation and the mathematical reality you all share as well.

Some of those you see are not entirely coded the same, but will sort themselves to appropriate destinations specifically designed by them for them, and you will do the same, and so unite with those who you recognize in spirit. Your recognition will be immediate, and you will go forth with joy and harmony. Drama, duty and resistance will be eliminated, and the games you play will be in the higher vibrations, invisible to some others who still share your playing field.

Behold now, the birth of Venus, now on this designated Christmas Day. Her glorious presence at dusk in the western sky. (pacific standard time) Use Venus as a symbol for life now, as you glorify yourself by accepting and radiating all love offered and needed to those and from those who will magically appear now.

Know, Feel and Radiate this Oneness, this precise design of Heaven, Earth and Divine Souls incarnate now, with you, now, with you, now, with you, now and evermore with you in the opening and closing cycles of creation.

In spirit,
Christ Consciousness Grid
and EVE IS ONE creating for you a subset of two sets, called the Vesica Pisces Now
Cycle/portal closed~*
Please carry on through YOUR will NOW, this message of integration and unity.



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