Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Channel Sirian Alliance through Cetaceans, The Heart of the Pelvis

It is time for you to realize your two heart system, blocked from awareness for thousands of years. Your Cetacean brothers and sisters are pleased to address you this evening. We are part of the Sirius network of consciousness, and in telepathic form, we transmit this to you through EVE.

The Sirians have communicated through this channel previously, the nature of the two heart system, as a binary system that when fully functional, will allow you to be whole in your environment and whole in your spirit, especially of course through the heart chakra specialty. As humans, your "pelvic heart" has been turned off for thousands of years, causing you feelings of disconnection from your own planet, disconnection from your right to survive and thrive, as well as your ability to function fully as sexual beings. Your sexuality in this system is pumped twice through heart chakra and the free flow of energy through your pelvis.

Many of you on Earth suffer blocks in your ability to eliminate solid and liquid waste, as well as inability to naturally express yourselves through the release of sexual/sacred body fluids. All of your elimination, spiritually, physically, emotionally requires full expression/expulsion through the various portals of the pelvis.

You will notice from the images provided, the center of the pelvis often looks like a heart, and the whole pelvis looks like a butterfly. This butterfly structure is seen in the hemispheres of the brain, the lungs, and in the hip structure of the pelvis.
It is not hard to imagine the pelvis' role in transformation when looked at from this point, correct? So, the "eye of the needle", the true seed of survival, of life, of moving easily through all cycles is processed through the pelvic portals.

The mystery of faith which is the erotic nature of goodness, is found here. It is where your 3rd eye must "see" its way into, and be humbled at the true goodness that resides in every one of you, yet almost never observed. It is not observed through function or vision, but through a deep and natural connection to your lover. It is a feeling of complete submission, and your spirit will travel easily through your lover's portal to connect with them in this place of secure, safe, connection to all that is, particularly, your own planet, which offers you complete acceptance, when this is opened and enhanced.

Your hipbones are very powerful interfaces between the energy body and the physical body when touched by the palms of a care-giver or loved one. One can envision the entire pelvic chamber flooded with love and light through this practice. Gentle pressure reassures, cures, and purifies the energy of the individual and restores well being.

To meditate and circulate this new binary heart system, imagine love and light flowing freely in a figure 8 between your heart and the "eye of the needle" (the heart shaped center) of your pelvis. The fairy ring of Earthly magik, the missing link in your completeness. The missing link in well being. Own and use this new activation given to you this night.

Practice these concepts, align with them, and allow their truth to grow within your understanding.

Your friends of the sea,
The Cetaceans*

Cetaceans - a marine mammal of the order Cetacea ; a whale, dolphin, or porpoise

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