Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sex Drive, Gambling and the Search for Control

The symbol of creation the Flower of Life: a beautiful symbol consisting of a six (hex) petal "flower" figure which repeats to infinity, and has ancient as well as cosmic significance.

Humans intend to make up for their loss of magic, and an emptiness within; an unknown factor, a loss of power, a loss of control over matter, "luck" and the unknown nature of love. This lost 'power' or ability to predict and control routinely drives humans towards many unknown ends. It drives them down unknown paths, and drives them against wisdom, against their own consciousness and rational mind. It drives, it holds a whip over the logical direction of days.

Why then is this? The drive in the middle of lust, the drive in the middle of sex, the drive in the middle of gambling, the drive in the middle of games and sport. What then is this drive?

It is the expulsion or launching of a wish to control the outcome, create gain, create pleasure, create create create.

It is also unarguably, an insatiable pursuit. The human is never left satisfied, never left in peace, never left with anything except repeated defeat, loss, disappointment, no more answers than he/she started with. So then what?

Realize this: On a subconscious level, humans are driven to have sex and play games to get answers, or an answer. The answer/answers to burning questions of why? The emptiness of why? Pounding away at the truth, looking in others for the truth, looking to games and their mathematics over skill and luck ratios. Why?

Answer: The great unknown of existence. There is no control over consequences or others. There is creation, however, and so be conscious of creating something good with all your drive, be conscious my dear friends. When conscious, you will not be asking as much as you are receiving answers directly, and with this, you have no emptiness. The sex and the games will be played for the fun and joy of being in the physical world, and the frustration will disappear with the desire to control. Create without control, dear friends. Create without control.

In and with love,
Angels of Dominion,
via Eve Featherstone

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