Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Channel Sirian Council of 8, Time and Change

Indeed no being or point of consciousness in the Universe feels or calculates time as you do or calculates or feels time at all. Take this into account when you are agonizing about "when" to do something. It makes no difference. You might as well do it now. Any attempt for YOU to orchestrate the timeliness of it is futile. When the impulse strikes for change, implement it now.

We guarantee not even other humans in your care or company are feeling, thinking, calculating time as YOU do. Don't postpone YOUR actions for others, just actualize your will, end what needs to end, adjust and begin your change.

Just go, just book the flight, just separate, just expand, just move, just do, just change. Hesitation and stuttering of will are uncomfortable, incompatible and not in harmony with the flow. We acknowledge the flow is faster than you are used to, but if you lean towards the side of expansion you will more quickly move through uncomfortable phases.

Your discomfort in the area of physics, equilibrium and quick progression of big change is better dealt with by intending to break out of your current skin, exoskeleton, chrysalis, shell. Nothing has ever benefited from a long drawn out birth. Get through the uncomfortable section as quickly as possible. Looking back for comfort is an illusion, because there is no comfort behind you.
The comfort is with you now. You have been gifted all that you have wanted, and you can't see that it is in your possession for use now. Use it, own it, do it, go now.

When you feel frightened or not ready for these changes . . . stop . . . align . . . start again. Repeat as necessary. Do not get stuck in the stuttering of action or thought. Simply stop, take a breathe, align and proceed. Stop, breathe, align, proceed.
Stop, breathe, align, proceed. Even this sequence can be done in a few seconds. We promise.

The Sirian Council of 8
via EVE Featherstone

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