Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Who Am I? Poem from the Center of the Brain

Rippling curtains of flesh and of blood
Rippling curtains of water and mud
Flickering visions of citrus and gold
Flickering missions of repose then bold
Juxtaposed chasms of space in between
Feathered and serpent and vapor divine
Fabrics are layers of consciousness out
Never an end for the interested devout
Mastering liquid like movement beyond
Brightening sadness engulfed by a yawn
These are not stories or facts to be known
This is the YOUniverse prepare to behold!

-EVE Featherstone

NOTE FROM EVE: I asked to see what was at the center of my brain, and I was led to draw it, and in the middle of the drawing, I was led to write it. IN-teresting

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