Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Channel Chief White Cloud, Kneadable vs Needable

It isn't so much the actual animals or people on Earth now that are multidimensional, legendary, mythological beings . . . as it is the sight of them triggers inside your mind your connection to all that is mythological, magical and those that are messengers to your conscious, human representation on Earth now. Inside your mind are stored archetypes and psychic histories on all that you witness here.

The animals and people you see here are only a small part of what they are attached to. In some ways they are only skin deep. The greater part of them is elsewhere and more grand. For example, when you see a snake, it isn't that you love snakes so much and want to keep them as pets, but the center of your mind knows that they are teachers and messengers. They don't directly teach or show you the way, they are a sign that something is there for you to figure out. It is a poetic vision in real time.

The center of your mind is the same as the expanse of the Universe. Knowing this, pay attention and run down all leads of what interests you even if it seems nonsensical. You have permission to live it out, to read it as a novel, to seek the answers behind the paper mask of what is presented to you, for in the center of the mind of the snake is your origin, part of you.

Whatever you are interested in, fascinated by, fond of is part of the center of your mind. Your mind is like a kneadable eraser. It erases each lifetime, each experience and folds it into itself. When it is said that everything that appears to you IS you, this is what it refers to. The center of your mind is a mass which all of everything has been folded into over the spectrum of your existence as a consciousness separate from the One. It doesn't exist anymore after it ends, but BECOMES part of the center of your mind. If you love horses, it is because the essence of the horse is PART OF YOU.

You are not seeing the essence of the snake, the essence of the horse or the essence of the dragon when you see a lizard. You are seeing token reminders of the grander scale which is present and always will be present in the center of your mind. You are actually seeing the physical 3D Earth version of a snake or lizard or horse. They are simply born, experiencing, surviving and dying and that's about all there is to it. Their consciousness is gaining from this dimension and they will take their lifetime yield back into the mass, collective consciousness. From the Oneness the origin of Oneness they may poke into and out then retreat back according to their own will.

It is important to see the humor in your existence here. Don't take it too seriously or take the non-mystical horrific things you see from your so called animal friends too seriously either. Some of them are more limited in their experience as whatever animal they are just as some of you are more limited in your expression of magic and higher consciousness. Other times you will witness glorious out of context or character expressions of more evolved sentient qualities of the animal or person. It is all in natural proportion or percentage on this plane, according to your own varying interests and exposure.

This is all for now. Take everything only at face value unless the gift of evolved expression occurs for your eyes only. Share these instances so it more rapidly accumulates in the mass of conscious in your little area of existence.

What you need is hidden within that which you are interested in. When you process it, it will be kneaded into the center of your mind and a new representation of what you need will appear. Need then knead. Perceive, erase, repeat.

Your guide always,
Chief White Cloud,
Primary guide of Eve Featherstone

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