Friday, May 30, 2014

Channel Galactic Federation, The Key is Showing Up

Greetings to all light workers of Earth. We bring you an update consisting mainly of support and validation for what you are already doing. Forget what you are not doing, as the Key to unlocking the adjacent dimensions of harmony (having the characteristics of the New Earth) is simply to naturally show up at places which are presented to you. You will go naturally, even if it doesn't make sense to your rational mind. Your intellect will acquiesce and assist, as you glide into situations which are right for change, healing ad upgrades. You need only show up, my friends.

Allow your full range of "being" to adjust, align and perfect while you simply observe in your solid experiential plane. You will feel more supported, centered and whole than ever before. Welcome the shift from "not belonging" to a feeling of calm, regal, knowing.

Bring your WHOLE self into every situation, and respond to others with brief phrases of harmony, optimism and a happy interest in being WITH those who are responsive to you even in a slight difference of perception. Those not in harmony with you will not distract, but will become wallpaper around the situation. Yes, they will appear to have one less dimension than you, such as paper has one less dimension that a box. This is how they will avoid being obstacles, as they are literally powerless in your presence. All of the other positive aspects will neutralize them.

Enjoy, glide, hold weight in your wholeness. The time is here now, which means linear time, your Earthly mastery and the new frequencies are creating something new, something quiet and harmonious.

The Galactic Federation
via EVE Featherstone

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