Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Face of a Spider

The face of a spider
I'd rather not see
Why do I avoid
Allowing the image
Of reality freed

Why the aversion?
Why should I deny?
I only know spiders
Have more than two eyes

More than a crab does
More than a fly
Why am I scared to see
How many don't cry?

Emotionless, furry,
Mechanical and fast
Why is this image
I've chosen for last?

I don't want to be forced
To see what is their truth
But spiders don't notice
Their image . . . a TRUCE

I'll give up tomorrow
But I won't look now
I need all day to process
The horror they show

I think I know ET's
So why should I flinch?
May the face of a spider
Be gentler than this?

-EVE Featherstone

NOTE FROM EVE: I was going to find an image of a spider's face, but I don't think it is a good time to do it, I'm just now off to sleep. ;)

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