Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wind in the Mane

I contact a memory and
My heart is stung,
With pain of a longing
With pain of "it's done"
What is this pain after?
What does it want?
I can't replace any of
That which has clung
Onto my heart's favorite
Songs to hear sung

The love that is severed
By sudden strong change
Companions and lovers
Seem to be in this range
Of particular stubborn
Chords of sweet notes
Struck by these memories
By my feet I am hung.

Sentiments written
Images shown
Please free me from wanting
To freedom what's flown.
New starts and cycles
Death and rebirth
Leaves me in wonder
What tightens the girth*
Of that which won't leave us
That which has tamed
That which has kept us
From wind in the mane**.

girth - a band attached to a saddle, used to secure it on a horse by being fastened around its belly.

mane - long and heavy hair growing about the neck and head of some mammals (as horses and lions)

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