Thursday, July 3, 2014

Genesis, channeled by Eve Featherstone

Questioning all that remains to be patterned after former positions of weakness or need, shall be extinguished in your vibration. We use the word extinguished because these emotionally hot patterns cause heat and disharmony in your physical bodies. As humans, you refer to me as the Genesis, and I shall refer to you as Ephraim*. The innocent heart enters the Earth plane only to be strengthened by strife and guided by Divine signatures of grace.

For if these references do not feel good in your heart, then you have suffered a great deal, and seen words of wisdom and grace dissolved by greed, competition and loss in these areas. For it is you, the sheep, who have suffered and the goats who have dominated. Let not the gentle spirited suffer now, for it is upon you, the great offering of release. It is upon you now, the great gift of acceptance and validation. Release, release, release, and allow allow allow your own innocent grace to return to you minus guile**, distrust, and fear. The fear you have is of equations which have not been resolved through your innate understanding of how the universe works. You have been forced to learn a new game here of disharmonious dealings, and with this experiential damage, have not come into circumstances of late with confidence. Instead, you approach with doubt, and are expecting glitches in time and progress.

Prosper in the new surroundings. Be confident, for the natural odds have been restored, and your instinct is now able to calculate as it was created to do so. Live fully in the knowing that all fruitfulness in the array of freedom, opportunity and your ability to meet and exceed what's necessary to create, facilitate and maintain such abundance is restored and fully functional once again.

via Eve Featherstone

*Ephraim - Genesis 41:52 New International Version
52 The second son he named Ephraim[a] and said, “It is because God has made me fruitful in the land of my suffering.”

**guile - sly or cunning intelligence.

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