Monday, July 7, 2014

Poem, Seven from Seven

Four years I survived
As unwitting host
Four years I mimicked
What I feared most

Five years I transformed
Mostly inside
Five years I shuffled
Where I reside

Six years I pondered
Why have a man?
Six years I was
My only fan

Seven years transformed
From fire's lit
Seven years emerged
Now light transmits.

-EVE Featherstone

NOTE FROM EVE: Today is July 7, 2014. So, it is 7 7 7 2+0+1+4 = 7 I had lower back pain last night which kept me up. (very unusual). This is a sign from previous channels that something was at the sacrum (sacred bone) ready to be transformed through the pelvis, but I wasn't allowing it to. On the way to my forest bathtub, I realized a huge shift of understanding regarding a few years of my life that mystified me. I saw a HUGE black butterfly come from underneath the tub and fly around the forest like a bat. After some research, there is no butterfly that large. It was a Black Witch Moth. (6-7") Earlier in the year during a meditation, the leader of the meditation asked that we imagine our higher selves, and much to my surprise, I was a moth! I love my life! With 777 indicating mystery school mastery, I am grateful for the relieve. My back instantly stopped hurting! Such a magical day!

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