Thursday, August 28, 2014

A.I.R. - Vehicle to Balance and Peace, Channel Chief White Cloud

In order to provide a material, Earthly vehicle to peace and in order to adjust imbalances as they arise, heed these words: The element of AIR or A.I.R. in this case, is your key to balance and peace.

A. - Action

I. - Intention

R. - Response


Taking action only when the other two components of this equation are optimal. (Intention and Response) Do not take action when you are out of balance.

INTENTION: Take a moment to answer honestly the questions:
1. Why am I doing this?
2. Am I seeing someone or something as a REsource or Source
3. Am I acting or REacting out of fear?

RESPONSE: Respond, do not react.

Practice responding to shift and change rather than reacting. Celebrate shift and joy which arrives without effort, no matter what it means to you.

When you have calibrated, aligned and tuned all three, then you will feel peace, and your will can be REALized.

-Chief White Cloud
via Eve Featherstone

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