Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cheat Sheet to Existence, Eve Featherstone, I AM EVE IS ONE

This has been a fun ride until now, when you're about to go into the dark tunnel that's supposed to be "fun". You will be shown many images here. They too are supposed to be fun, glamorous, sexy, and smart. These are the images that aren't real. They are advertisements straight from the "old ways". They are desperately trying to sell you something one last time, but you are invited now to see them for what they are. Re-branding of old, outdated tools to initiate and then trap the human souls in a lifetime of insanity, sexual disfunction, dissatisfaction, and of course addiction.

I've decided to provide you with a cheat sheet to use, even if you haven't put it all together from previous written material on my blog.


1. Evil, Dark, Satanic, Vamp material and imagery is NOT smart, NOT sexy, NOT cool, NOT in everyone, NOT powerful.

2. Evil, Dark, Satanic, Vamp material IS old, outdated, powerless, impotent, SICKening, desperate, funny

3. Evil, Dark, Satanic, Vamp material comes from old, impotent, talentless, helpless men who aren't capable of doing anything for themselves except use others as tools to create, educate, enforce, and build that which imposes their will on the world. They are puny, hilarious, pathetic, mutated units of humanity who seek to prey on any young healthy human unit they can capture the attention of.


Here is the final gift to all of humanity in case you missed it in earlier material. It will satisfy, entertain, encourage, liberate, reform, reset, rearrange, resurrect, reformat all of humanity if given the chance to replicate its natural roots in the heart and psyche*.


"The Mystery of Faith is the Erotic Nature of Goodness" - Eve Featherstone, I AM EVE IS ONE

You may substitute goodness with the following words to fine tune to your own principles of ease and acceptance: Christ, God, Creation, The Universe.

psyche - human soul, mind, or spirit.

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