Thursday, November 20, 2014

Baptism of Change

Baptism of change
Has washed away claim
To what once was my name
My image and fame

With no job and no bank
I have freedom to thank
For reminding my heart
Free life is an art

A wild path aloft
Each night a soft
Respite from thought
About what can't be bought

Shifting and gliding
Past ports of safe
Havens which trap
Intellect into hate

Willful I seem
To me it's a dream
A dance with the wind
And water to steam

Tune in to see
If it's even still me
I've come back in kind
From the fierceness of mind

I work for care and for love
I share hats and gloves
With others who frame
Their lives out on free range

To share all the spoils
Of friendships well oiled
From news of more change
After wild I AM Named


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