Friday, December 5, 2014

Spiritual Chocolates ~*

Truth! These little chocolates are each a natural mandala. First, you experience their incredible mesmerizing beauty, and then to bite into them is to experience otherworldly pleasure! Coco Savvy chocolates possess a fine-textured, elegant ability to satiate with finesse!

Pairing them with wine increases their magic to co-create another unique experience! Nothing about these chocolates is expected. They are wonderful, but hardly anyone knows about them! Support, share and experience these sensually savvy little creations!

I no longer bother with other chocolates. Coco Savvy chocolates have deleted my acknowledgement of other chocolates altogether and replaced my former cravings with a divine yearning for only the finest, best, beautiful, satisfying marvels made with love on the Chocolate Farm in Jamul, California!

Order some of these and help Coco Savvy reach their goal. Only good can come from ordering these for yourself or those you want to gift! Get a tray to serve for the Holidays, just look at them!

Coco Savvy Indiegogo Campaign (runs until Jan 1)

Thanks to Arcturus Jones for this recommendation!

-Eve Featherstone

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