Sunday, December 21, 2014

Blamed for the End, Channel I AM EVE IS ONE

For every heartfelt act submitted towards improvement, beautification and preservation . . . a great plunge into the pockets of willful darkness goes; an unwanted illumination which makes the status quo uncomfortable by comparison. Even if not meant to eradicate impurities, it does so by default, and the explosion of the impurities are felt by the Huntress as her apron becomes bloody. Wash away the blood, consider yourself an unwitting marksman, and proceed with pride.

Innocence known and embodied carries with it an unseen armor and draws to it unseen targets to dissolve. Most go without knowledge, but some dispel energy from the accidental blow, and appear from the unseen as a burst of hostility, out of context in the New Eden. Harmless yet loud. Who is more apt to be blamed for the end of anything than the One who causes its end. Forever this truth holds itself as self apparent, and forever thee as witness to Earth, shall attempt to surround thyself with good, yet be in its pure purpose, in contact with bits and pieces of bland, non-constructive routines which strike out at that which terminates their ease of control.

via Eve Featherstone

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