Thursday, January 1, 2015

It's Only for a Little While

The night sky, disguised as a raven, flew down to the top of the mountains which looked tiny beneath him. His white feet became the snow capped mountains. The raven grasped the sunset, disguised as a red serpent, and gently carried the serpent with his beak down to the ground. The serpent had been sunning himself as the "fire of the Air". Sensing the serpent's disappointment, the raven said simply "it's only for a little while".

The serpent went lower into the lowest crags of the Earth and became slow, red lava to keep warm and to continue to offer change as the "fire of the Earth". The raven came back the next night to visit the serpent, and marveled at the serpent's successful adaptation to change. The raven whispered to the serpent from the darkness, "the Earth needs you my friend". The serpent knew this on a deep level, and continued to follow a naturally designed path presented by the Earth herself.

The Earth held the dear serpent close to her own heart, and was grateful to the raven for returning it. The serpent became an important force to carry out the Earth's will. The Earth whispered to the serpent "it's only for a little while".

Eve Featherstone

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