Saturday, January 10, 2015

Distinction of Fervor Part 2

The fervor that "is no more"
Softly bowed out
I didn't even notice
Until I just now awoke
To a peaceful and beautiful
Song in my heart
Heralding a new way of
Living as Art

What was this fervor?
Was it unto its own?
Was it naive raw emotions?
Was it simply hormones?
I didn't seek respite
I didn't know it would leave
I didn't know it as a problem
I just noticed reprieve*

In search of surprising
Truth in the dark
In search of conspiring to
Raise in an arch of
Mounting possessions and
Gleeful intrigue
When something is sensed
In a concealed mystique

I know now the decay
Of these subjects well.
I skimmed just the surface
To observe and swell
Then burst the illusion
The genius gone
Only the hideous
Disillusionment dawns

A new better version
A more interesting game
Each more surprising
Intricately played
Design of roads from
Paving stones laid
By strong interest
Intrigue and laughter
That stayed.

The fervor was questions
Answered entwined
Answered by voyages
Which stranded me blind
I have no more questions
In this sort of vein
I have only beauty and
Wonder to tame.

-I AM Eve is One
via Eve Featherstone

reprieve - a cancellation of punishment

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