Thursday, April 30, 2015

Rest Before You Climb Again

In your slow, steady ascent, please allow yourself to rest on the stair landing between staircase sets. You will know when you've reached one of these, as you will have to concentrate on 'consciously acknowledging' the series of changes, shifts and/or closures you've just completed before you begin your new phase(s). You will feel breathless as if you have completed climbing a series of steps, and that you are on the precipice of another set of stairs. When you feel this way, pause until you 'catch your breathe". This is cardio for the heart center, not the physical heart. You are strengthening, stretching, expanding your heart's ability to accept, change, allow and become your newest self.

In thinking about 'stair landings', these pauses may feel like solid 'land' islands in the middle of unfamiliar 4th or 5th density 'water'. Rest here to regain balance, and proceed onward only when you feel rested and solid in your new version or circumstantial atmosphere.

-Eve Featherstone

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