Saturday, September 26, 2015

Plain and Thankful

Half through this test of wits now
I'm shocked and in dismay
I realize I was an asshole
I contributed to the fray

Possessed by something restless
Possessed and out of tune
With all others who'd say
"What on Earth's got into her"
"How will she fair like this?"
Cruel and ruthless pacing
From one and onto next?

From 16 to 50 with no common sense
Motives were scattered
But most self defense

What deal did I agree too?
To whom my soul did sell?
Now I'm plain and thankful
That there is no hell.

Hell is hormones rampant
Competitive yet frail
Hell is striving onward
For the perfect blend of male.

Eve Featherstone
aka Kelly Marbach

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