Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Dove on the Stump

The tree was cut bluntly
In the mid of it's height
The sun still shone brightly
The sky blue and right

The dove perched on purpose
His place was for sure
To say that forever
Growth here will not spurt

If beautiful growth and natural space
Are cut off midday with natural grace
Doesn't it mean that One should expect now
To look for the peace at the cut of the bough?*

Eve Featherstone

*bough - large branch of a tree

Author's note: As everything was going well (as usual), I experienced two violent and heart damaging blows. I fled to the desert, and as soon as I plopped myself in the waters of Mother Earth, I saw a large pine tree someone had cut off right in the middle of it's former height. A large Eurasian Dove was sitting there peacefully for a long time. The rest of the tree looked great, but 50% of it's growth directions were ceremonially lopped off. I could feel this was a beautiful sign for my lost heart. The message is to find the peaceful outcome of what has happened. How does this free me? How does this benefit me, if I can look at it objectively? Does it give me permission to grow in a different direction? Does it give me direction to put more attention to the remaining growth? Interesting but painful day. Look for the peace, look for the peace . . .

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