Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tide of the Sun

In Solitude I long to Be
Sacred, Just Androgyny
Calm now after years of lust
Chasing tiger's wounding thus**

The waves of water's constant rush
Equates emotion's strength to crush
Eventually all that's built
Idealistic structures I too knelt

The gamma rays of sun storms new
Penetrate invisible
Acceptance of the change to what
I consider sexual glut

I much prefer the unseen waves
To those ridden decades as slave
Hoping this is solace won
Directly from The Tides of Sun

Eve Featherstone

*Androgyny is the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics.
**Thus - as a consequence

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Poem about the preference of the unseen waves of the sun in contrast to the undulating turbulent waves of water, here symbolizing emotions. The gamma rays are now changing human DNA and I AM ready for this new phase in my education. I will allow the sun to give me a new, glorious state of empowerment.

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