Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Center of Gravity

We share with you this parade of images so you may feel your greatness once again, even in the midst of your current Earth work.

Endless streaming of tablets in golden hue run quickly like a ribbon vertically so fast that it appears to be a never ending scroll.  You were in these writings, and you remember the feeling of this language.  The great language of Atlantis, which appears in your current life from time to time, and more importantly, it appears at sacred times of this Earth life.

The woman as a God . . . we will not let you write Goddess, because that would not be accurate.  The woman as God . . . get acquainted with this.  It is accurate and is the gravitational center of your connection to the Earth.  The "gravitational" center . . . we repeat.  Bring it to the Earth.  Bring it down.

You have frequented the areas of The Woman enough to really own this once again.  Although you do not feel yourself to be this, you can now imagine it through this work.  The idea of it is empowering.  Feel it.

Center yourself with it.

It is everything there is in one center of gravity point.

The Council to
Eve Featherstone

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