Sunday, April 2, 2017

Beastly Residue

As an adept, you may meet someone with whom you think you have something in common with, or whose essence interests you.  As a Being who co-creates, you listen and observe only to find this person is not of the same species as you.  They are caught in a perpetual loop of seek, exploit, destroy.  They literally feed on others visually, psychically and physically.
They create a fantasy, exhaust the unknowns from the interaction, then destroy or discard.  Nothing from the experience enlightens, motivates or inspires.  It is simply the consumption of disposable goods, like paper towels.

Do not forget, that as an adept, you are sovereign and whole.  Your needs are not the same as others.  You require someone who openly processes in the now and creates wisdom and humor therein.  You require someone who allows freedom, change and values newly born perceptions which entertain and keep one's frequency pure.  If a frequency is a shade off, that's not good enough anymore.  You require clean frequencies which are of a specific color, tone, feel, and do not leave a beastly residue near your aura.

-EVE Featherstone

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