Friday, May 19, 2017

Bitter Pill of Ugly

A bitter realization
A bitter sight to see
A bitter contrast chosen
To purge out who I AM

Returning to myself here
Mostly good and kind
In contrast to bad memories
There hadn't been a cost

A steep disturbing circumstance
Drove right upside our car
It looked me in the eye
It shook me to the core

A hot volcano of grief
Helplessness and shame
Shame for reacting with grief
Helpless to relieve

The bitter pill of ugly
Hidden from public view
Consumed readily by masses
Who'd puke if they only knew

The Goddess in me
Wishes to banish and lay bare
The parasitic people on
Heartland's apron who

Traffic gentle animals
Each doing their own part
Desperate for a living
What we humans consume
Is awful, dreadful dark.


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