Sunday, May 14, 2017

Medicine for Any Soul

Medicine for any soul is the recollection of beauty and triumph.  If you are bombarded instead by memories of failures and diseased harmony, it is now a break in the timeline for ejecting these outdated patterns of failure, hurt, shame and withered ambition.

Recognize these failure patterns as outdated material ready for deletion.  It is clearing your cache so your flawless, higher human REALizations can take place as a flowering of your higher self's pre-paving or path seeding.

Don't let your dialogue drone on and on about your problems, because it isn't good for you or anyone on the receiving end of it.  Vocalize, go into hibernation for awhile and emerge with your new confident self leading the parade instead of your stumbling blocks.

Clean up your energetic/mindset/vibration house for safety and proper function.

Delete, Rest, Emerge, Act out of Confident Balance

Entity calling herself Celedon
via Eve Featherstone

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